Seamood Restaurant: Behind the scenes – at the square one

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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

Have you ever been looking for house or flat to live, a home,  and then you went through several places until you enter one house or an empty room or space and you are attached immediately. The place feels like yours from the first moment and you just cannot explain it but it’s like it has good vibes or something. You just know This Is It.

We had this ‘the moment’ when we first entered in to the corner shop at Mankhool Road in Hudaiba here in Dubai.  It had good vibes it felt like Seamood  place at once. Place was quite ugly to be honest but we had a vision how it should look and lots of ideas to work with.

We wanted to share with you the Seamood building project so you have some perspective when you come to dine in and you are sitting on swings on dining deck or sofa booths by the window. You know our secret. Well, the knowledge of past looks does not particularly enhance your dining experience, but at least you can be sure we have done lots of work so you would enjoy your seafood in nice ambiance the way it’s set up now.

Did you notice all that junk, yes of course. We cleared it and gave a ring to a private business that is run by a Canadian family, company is called Take My Junk . Take My Junk collects unwanted items from residents and companies in Dubai. The organization then sells or redistributes these items to labourers, maids, or low income families in Ajman and Sharjah.

Thank You for your virtual visit in our restaurant. We hope to see you dining in for real. Please look around our website and see the gallery how we are today. Follow us in Facebook click the link here: Seamood at Facebook.

Welcome to Seamood Restaurant.

In this picture happy owner with vision in his mind about affordable casual seafood restaurant.
Next time we will show you phase two of project ‘Seamood in making’.
Thank You and come again!


5 Responses to “Seamood Restaurant: Behind the scenes – at the square one”
  1. This is fantastic… look forward to visiting your Seamood once we are back after the summers…

    All the best to you Minna:)

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ishita. Enjoy your summer holidays it’s steaming hot in Dubai, but thats why we like it. Welcome to visit.

  2. nadia says:

    Love your behind-the-scene post! It shows a humble beginning and how you guys have worked so hard to transform it into your dream project. My family and I will be visiting after Ramadan, inshaAllah. I’m looking forward to the swing :)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. abir says:

    i love yr food its sooo tasty clean i defintly will visit and eat there every day my next visit it v good and afordable wish y the best

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