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How about enjoying the ocean’s bounty without feeling guilty and getting your pocket pinched?

DUBAI: Seamood, a new seafood outlet on Mankhool Road, does not serve the popular hammour, kingfish and normal emperor fishes (Sherry). It’s done on purpose – and for a good reason.

“We’re a sustainable restaurant,” said Mohammad Eid, the Egyptian-Finn who launched the outlet in May. Upon advice from the marine conservation group Choose Wisely, he made exceptions for these “red line” listers of overfished species. “They must be given time to regenerate.”

Seamood diners, however, can enjoy most of the ocean’s bounty without feeling guilty. The restaurant serves scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine and comfortably seats 60. 
I went to the restaurant worried about what Eid’s kitchen hands might throw at me. His three chefs make orders from scratch. 
Eid and his team are not afraid to experiment. “Engineering dishes is a proper science,” said Eid. “One must know which ingredient goes with what.”

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